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Our goal is to provide our clients with as much autonomy as possible while protecting them from mistreatment, neglect or being taken advantage of by others.  We ensure individuals are protected and cared for in the most sensitive, ethical, and least restrictive manner to ensure their quality of life.


Guardians are appointed by the court and held accountable for making decisions regarding the health and well-being of each client. The guardian is responsible for ensuring the living environment is safe and secure and performing the following:

  • Applying for public benefits;

  • Arranging for and consenting to medical treatment;

  • Making sure the client receives appropriate nutrition and medication;

  • Managing the client’s financial affairs, including income, expenditures and resources;

  • Arranging for in-home or other support services;

  • Advocating for the client’s preferences and needs.

Guardians are regulated by the probate court system, provide annual reports and accounting, and are subject to audit by the court.

 Case Management 


Case management provides assistance to individuals who, due to physical, mental or developmental conditions, may be unable to act with total independence, but still have the capacity to make decisions for themselves.  Services include:

  • Attendance and support at medical appointments.

  • Coordination of in-home supports designed to promote continued private home living whenever possible.

  • Consultation with medical providers and oversight of treatment.

  • Seek, obtain and monitor residential placements when deemed necessary.

  • End of life supports and services

 Money Management 
Provides assistance to those who are having problems managing their money and paying expenses.  This includes representative payee and VA fiduciary services where we become payee for the client’s government benefit check because a physician or government payee source has stated the client is incapable of managing money. We pay the client's monthly expenses and after the bills are paid, the remainder of the money is saved or used for the client's benefit.
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