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 Founders: Christine & Steve Lang 


The passion behind Guardians of Dignity stems from our own very personal and powerful experience taking care of our own family.  Steve's mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1995 and we helped take care of her for the last six months of her life.  Steve's dad was in a motorcycle accident a couple of years later and left with life changing injuries including a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that left him not competent to manage the activities of daily life on his own.  Steve eventually took over as his court appointed guardian and we took care of him for 12 years.  We also took care of Steve's grandmother, helping with medical and money management until she passed away two months shy of turning 104!

Through all of those experiences, we saw countless examples of people not being taken care of properly...not being treated with dignity and respect.  Unfortunately, we saw and heard stories of care-giver neglect, abuse, and people who sought to take advantage while people were at their most vulnerable. There were many times when we had to fight for our family members to receive the care, compassion, and quality treatment they deserved.


As a military family who spent 26 years in the Air Force, that experience was shocking.  We've spent our lives dedicated to integrity, service, and excellence and were exposed to an area of our society in dire need of those core values.  We're also used to the tight bond of the military community...a tight network of families always looking out for each other.

We are driven to bring these same core values and sense of family to Guardians of Dignity.  We are committed to improving the longevity and quality of life for our clients just like we did for our own family.

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